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As the inventors of Wireless AI™

We set the standards of WiFi Sensing

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How we use WiFi Sensing

WiFi signals in a home or environment are just like waves in a pool. As you move through the pool, these waves bounce, break, and bend around objects like walls, ceilings, and people. Our WiFi AI senses these disruptions and interprets the movement.

What makes us unique?

We use dedicated AI engines to pick up on motion, breathing, and falls. With AI engine fusion, we can use these engines together to pick up dynamic data and provide more information to the consumer. For example, once our Fall AI detects a fall, we switch to our Breathing AI to determine their breathing rate and then alert the caregiver.


Our Motion AI senses the distortion in the WiFi signals and localizes where motion occurs. Our motion solution is best used for home monitoring, smart home automation, and monitoring activities of daily living.

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Our Breathing AI captures the slightest chest movements using standard WiFi. Understanding breathing patterns is one of the key factors for sleep monitoring and respiratory rate variability.


Our Fall Application has the highest rate of recognizing falls and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry. We provide trusted alerts to caregivers or emergency services.


AI @ The Edge

Unlike other WiFi Sensing companies, our software runs 100% on the edge. We only communicate with the cloud to relay sensing events to end users. Edge computing poses many benefits such as, over-the-air updates, low latency, cost savings through reduced bandwidth requirements, security integrity, and greater reliability.

Our software is extremely efficient, requiring minimal central processing unit (CPU) resources and memory. With a small code footprint, we can embed our software into almost any WiFi device!


WiFi Sensing is one of the most secure solutions available. Whether our engines are analyzing movement, sleeping or breathing patterns, our algorithms are strings of randomized coding that can’t be cracked. We also follow industry leading security protocols and encryption methods to store sensing data.


We continue to invest time and money into protecting our patented technology.

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