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Our mission is to create easy to install, easy to use, and extremely accurate solutions


Origin Home

Origin Home’s security and automation solution provides non-line-of-sight (NLOS) sensing, so we have significantly fewer (if any) blind spots and cover more areas with less hardware. Our automation platform brings our motion technology to the smart home to enable automatic lighting when entering a room. We do all of this by converting existing IoT devices into sensors, so you get more localization and maximum coverage, with less hardware.

These motion detection methods don’t require cameras, contact sensors, or other intrusive equipment, so privacy and security are the top priority.

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Origin Health

Origin Health empowers caregivers by providing them real-time data on their loved one’s whereabouts and any abnormal behaviors. Our WiFi Sensing engines can detect activities of daily living (ADL), sleep monitoring, fall detection, and send alerts to caregivers and professional monitoring services of concerns.

Our custom Remote People Monitoring (Origin RPM) is a groundbreaking software and hardware solution designed to help paid caregivers monitor their patients without wearable devices, cameras or other devices to help provide privacy.

Origin Tracking

Origin Tracking is the world’s first indoor tracking technology with centimeter accuracy under non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions. It has multiple commercial uses, including asset and robot/AGV tracking, and indoor navigation.

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