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Powered by Origin: WiFi Sensing Tech Will Soon Be Everywhere

When you think of WiFi, what comes to mind? Most people think of a router, the internet, the ability to send emails or check social media. In truth, WiFi can do so much more, and can enhance our lives in material ways. When harnessed to its full potential, WiFi can improve our health and our safety.

In the Beginning

Origin’s CEO and Founder Dr. Ray Liu was among the first to recognize that WiFi could do more. Dr. Liu invented and patented WiFi Sensing technology, which uses machine learning to analyze and interpret movements based on how they disrupt existing WiFi waves. Origin was the first to bring the technology to mesh routers in 2019 through its deployment with Linksys Aware, immediately disrupting the way engineers approached the design and capabilities of select products and systems.

Powered By Origin: A WiFi Future

In 2021, WiFi Sensing rose in the tech-world’s consciousness. 2022 will mark the year that WiFi Sensing technology spreads further across industries and applications. A key part of expansion of WiFi Sensing technology is the 802.11bf WiFi Sensing Project, which will establish a new global WiFi standard that includes WiFi Sensing, opening the door to a new era of WiFi sensing-empowered devices. Through Origin’s industry-leading technology, any WiFi-enabled device can be turned into a virtual sensor and be used for applications like motion detection, home security, sleep insights, fall detection, and more.

In the coming years, Origin’s WiFi Sensing technology will make the biggest impact in these sectors: Health, Home Automation and Security, Property Tech, and Automotive.

With Our Loved Ones: Health

Origin’s WiFi Sensing technology can detect even the most minor movements and rapid shifts in motion, making it incredibly valuable in the health space. When applied to health monitoring, the technology can alert caregivers to anomalies in motion, which has the potential to save lives.

WiFi Sensing can monitor entire homes, providing caregivers with detailed activity, sleep, and breathing insights, and can detect falls. The technology eliminates the need for wearables inside the home, which can have low adherence rates, and protects patient privacy by removing the need for cameras. This makes aging-in-place more viable than ever before.

In 2022, to advance its use in the health environment, Origin will partner with a leading medical alert system for elder care. By combining Origin’s WiFi Sensing capabilities with the partner’s data and machine learning, the collaborative solution will provide peace of mind for caregivers and empower elderly loved ones to live more autonomously. Origin also plans to partner with a remote patient monitoring company to enhance their cutting-edge remote patient monitoring and personal safety technologies through WiFi Sensing.

The health applications of WiFi Sensing are expected to expand rapidly in the near future, moving beyond at-home use to clinical settings and care facilities. In addition, the technology will likely soon be used outside of elder care to monitor patients within broader healthcare environments.

In Our Homes: Home Automation and Security

Origin’s technology allows existing devices in their home to perform key services like home automation and security without adding additional hardware. Because of this, WiFi Sensing has enormous potential in the DIY home security space. Homeowners can set up home protection in a matter of minutes and avoid the privacy violations that can come with camera-based security solutions.

In addition to security, WiFi Sensing can be used to automate home systems and devices, turning on lights and adjusting the thermostat when human presence is detected, and automatically locking doors when monitoring confirms that no one is home. In 2022, Origin’s WiFi Sensing technology will be integrated across a large smart lighting product portfolio. Through this integration, WiFi Sensing will make its way into people’s homes, meeting consumer needs around the world.

Integration with home automation and security technologies will be made even easier with Origin’s recently-announced partnership with nami. Together, the two leaders in AIoT innovations will offer enterprise customers a turnkey, “grab-and-go” WiFi Sensing platform that requires no testing, designing or developing. Dubbed the ‘NOW Platform’, the joint solution will enable customers to go to market with a WiFi Sensing-enabled solution quickly. This collaboration will help Origin achieve its goal of widening WiFi Sensing’s capabilities.

In Our Buildings: Property Tech

Those who live and work in large buildings could soon benefit greatly from the integration of WiFi Sensing technology into their building’s systems. WiFi Sensing offers an innovative security solution for property managers that could bring peace of mind and protection to apartment-dwellers everywhere. When used for lighting and HVAC system automation, WiFi Sensing has the potential to cut down significantly on energy use and energy costs.

In Our Cars: Automotive

When children are left in the backs of cars, especially during hot months, it can be extremely dangerous, leading to death in some cases. On average, 38 children die each year from vehicular heatstroke. WiFi Sensing technology has the potential to help with this serious problem by accurately alerting car owners when a child is detected alone in a vehicle. The automotive industry is working to adopt this technology on a broader scale. According to UnivDatos Market Insights, the Child Presence Detection market is expected to grow to $390.3 million by 2025.

Our Vision: Everywhere

We picture a world where WiFi Sensing technology is used everywhere, bringing convenience, safety and protection through broad use across industries. The enthusiasm we’ve already received from technical leaders in vastly different industries indicates that our vision is primed to become a reality.

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