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Our over-the-top solution & custom SaaS integrations will make you stand out


We understand that your needs are unique, which is why we created “The Onion”.

You can adopt one or more layers of our technology, as needed, for seamless integration into your new or existing products.

Each layer - hardware, firmware, cloud, & app - provides a distinct function for delivering a customizable WiFi Sensing solution to your customers.

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The firmware layer is where our WiFi Sensing lives. Origin’s AI engines are deployed as firmware onto WiFi devices, accommodating both Linux and RTOS environments. In addition to WiFi sensing, the firmware layer comes with APIs to handle all data and services, so you can easily embed into your new or existing WiFi devices, and deliver new services to your customers via over-the-air updates.

The best part about our AI Engines is we compute 100% on the Edge, so nothing is sent or received from the cloud to ensure
extreme accuracy.

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We’ve partnered with leading manufacturing companies to create turnkey hardware* that's deployed with our WiFi Sensing engines pre-installed. Currently used today for Origin Home and Health solutions, partners can whitelabel and rebrand for a quick go-to-market option.

*Hardware is FCC, TELEC, and NCC certified

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Cloud (Sensing Server)

The cloud layer is composed of Origin’s Sensing Server and an optional front-end server. The Sensing Server communicates with the firmware layer and acts as the link between WiFi Sensing devices and the user interface. It relays and stores data from the hardware to the app. You can deploy and host the Sensing Server in your cloud or let us host and communicate cloud-to-cloud via its available APIs and webhooks.

The optional front-end server allows you to quickly and easily manage your customers and services.

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The app layer brings the magic of WiFi Sensing to your customers’ fingertips. Available for iOS and Android, we have fully-functioning apps for our Origin Home and Health solutions. You can utilize part of the UI/UX or adopt the entire app and customize the look and feel.

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Origin in Action

Hex Home

Hex Home, a DIY home security solution, will offer a new way to manage home security without contact or motion sensors, cameras, and other bulky equipment. Using Origin’s Home Motion AI engine, leading hardware, and user-friendly mobile app, consumers will be able to accurately and conveniently manage their home. Available Spring 2021.

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